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The Specialist Sydney Plumbers That Focus 100% On Pipe Relining Services

We are Sydney Relining Solutions, a specialist plumbing services company based in Sydney focusing on pipe relining solutions.
As a highly skilled and experienced team of pipe lining technicians, our number 1 goal is to provide you with expert advice and workmanship to resolve any pipe issue you may be experiencing. Many Sydney plumbers now offer pipe relining services but at Sydney Relining Solutions that is all we do. We specialise in this innovative technology to ensure it is executed properly.

Our CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

Our CCTV Drain Camera quickly and accurately pinpoints the site of the issue within your pipes. We are also able to give regular reports on your plumbing via our CCTV Drain Camera technology. This is a particularly useful preventative measure as the trusted Plumber in Sydney for our commercial and government clients who rely on their plumbing to operate.

Say Goodbye to problem pipes for good!

What you’re seeing here is a CCTV inspection we carried out on a blocked sewer line heavily infested with tree roots. After pipe relining, the sewer is renewed, resulting in improved water flow and future protection from tree roots.



Whatever the requirements, Sydney Relining Solutions is your go-to Sydney Plumber when you need your pipes fixed fast, quietly, with minimal disruption, cost-effectively and with maximum transparency and accountability well into the future.

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What Is Pipe Relining?

No Digging

Less Excavation Noise

50 Years Life Expectancy

Money & Time Saved

Pipe relining is a relatively recent plumbing advancement that will save you significant time and money given that it requires no digging and minimal fuss or time. Using a unique technology devised by German company Brawoliner, we are able to insert a mixed epoxy resin liner into the pipes, which then moulds itself to every corner of the pipe from the inside and leaves you with new pipes inside of your old ones that are functionally connected to the infrastructure immediately! The new lining is so resilient that we offer a 50-year warranty on the service. If you’re thinking about digging your pipes up, think again as this really is as straight forward as it sounds: we reline your pipes from the inside, without having to dig them up or replace them.

How Our Pipe Relining Services Save You Money

Having someone dig up your property is never a pleasant experience whether it’s residential, commercial or public land. The logistics can be a nightmare and the pipes or problem areas are not always conveniently located away from important places.

Our pipe relining solutions take the fuss out of pipe repair. Upon diagnosis of the problem at hand by our pipe lining technicians in Sydney, we will simply need an access point to the plumbing from which we can insert the lining and get to work. The process involves a simple compressed air system which pushes the lining to the end of the area being relined and the lining itself has a high elasticity so that it can mimic the shape of the pipes. As you can imagine, this has a much faster turnaround time than actually having to replace your pipes as well as lowering most other overheads, allowing us to over a far faster solution for less to our clients.

A Little Bit About Us

Sydney Relining Solutions are a homegrown pipe relining company with vast experience offering a variety of plumbing services to property owners. We firmly believe in pipe relining as the solution of the future for blocked, damaged, cracked and leaking pipes. We have highly qualified staff who spend their time implementing this great technology and we are a traditional Australian business with ties to (and a history in) the area. We’re not looking to blind you with science, we simply want to solve your problems in the most efficient and timely a manner as possible so that you can get on with life, back to business, or on with serving the community. This is our promise as one of the premier drain relining companies in Sydney.

Pipe Relining vs Replacement

Take a look at the chart below to see the many reasons that relining (wherever it is a viable option) offers more effective plumbing solutions for problems of all shapes and sizes:

Regular Pipe Replacement
No digging, or excavation that damages landscaping
Future protection from tree roots
Solution for both drainage pipes and high pressure pipes
Product warranty 50 Years Up to 7 Years
Installation time Most Jobs 1 Day Multiple Days or Weeks
Noise level during installation Minimal Noisy Excavator

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