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Sydney Relining Solutions

To give you a little more about us: Sydney Relining Solutions are a local company who very much believe in pipe relining as a solution for the future across an ever-expanding variety of applications for most plumbing issues. We are an Australian business with roots in the local area and a wide range of experience across all areas of the industry. With us, you get experience and know-how along with forward-thinking and innovation. We’re not ones to let tradition keep us from embracing great new solutions but also not inclined to give up our firm customer service culture and strong client focus.

We’re here to offer you the best and most efficient solutions possible at the most reasonable prices possible, while helping to educate you on this great new plumbing solution and the unmatched aftercare and maintenance that CCTV inspections can provide. Should you choose to have us be a regular part of your home care, business or enterprise then we will endeavour to have you as up to date as possible as often as you require so that you can stay proactive with your plumbing to avoid costly neglect. As you’ll come to understand about us, we’re here to help.

Our Staff

We only hire and train professionally qualified staff members who know Pipe Relining technology like the back of their hand. We aim to be informative and friendly, but also professional and efficient.

So Why Relining?

By now you’re probably asking yourself, why we have chosen to specialise in Pipe Relining. Well, because it’s quick, convenient, requires no digging and is guaranteed for half a lifetime. We’d challenge you to find a better solution in any of the described terms via traditional plumbing methods. There simply isn’t an easier way or a better technology than pipe relining when it comes to blocked pipes. With Pipe Relining having proven itself over the world as a reliable, safe, cost-effective and easy solution and our expert technicians installing it, your home, business, or project will be well looked after for decades to come.

To find out more about us or to make a booking, call Sydney Relining Solutions today or you can contact us online. We’re happy to provide as much information as you need to feel that you’re making the right decision to count on us.

Our Guarantees

All of our clients receive a 50 year warranty on our work regardless of the nature of the job, however there are a few practical differences depending on the needs of any given client.

For Residential Customers

We can provide you with all of the footage captured by our CCTV drain camera. This can be very useful for pre-house purchase inspections, ongoing maintenance needs, and any future repair diagnosis.

For Commercial Customers

We can provide you with all of the footage captured by our CCTV drain camera as well. We are also able to provide you with a detailed report on all of the repair work you’ve had done. If your business or property relies on plumbing in order to operate, then we can provide you with annual, bi-annual or even quarterly high-pressure jet cleaning of the pipes as well as being able to conduct regular CCTV Inspections, again with detailed reports.

For Government Projects

Sydney Relining Solutions provide efficient pipe relining solutions for government projects. We are licensed and insured and use the highest quality pipe relining product. Simply let us know what your requirements are and we can customise the delivery of your requirements according to plan. As a highly skilled and experienced team of pipelining technicians, our number 1 goal is to improve your wastewater system and protect public health and the environment.

Areas We Service

We service all of the greater Sydney area, and we’re also able to venture out a bit further depending on the nature of the job. If you don’t think that your locale falls under the service area map provided below then please feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to have a chat to see if we can help. If not we can refer you to a quality relining specialist in any areas that we’re unable to service. Our preference is obviously to help you ourselves, but our mission as a business is to ensure that you get the service that you need.

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