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If you’ve taken a look at all the information on offer here and would like to get in touch then great! When you contact us, our expertly trained staff are ready to answer any questions you might have or arrange a booking at your earliest possible convenience. Best of all we’re proud Sydneysiders so we can be out to you in no time whether you’re in the CBD or the greater region. We have deep roots in the area and know it like the back of our hands!

You’re welcome to contact us either by phone on 1800 958 301 to speak to one of our friendly people about whatever your needs might be, or you can contact us via the form on this page. Alternatively you can email us from your personal email account at and we will be back to you as quickly as is humanly possible!

Professional Advice and Business to Business

If what you need is to talk shop, then one of our field professionals will be happy to talk logistics, the technology, the methodology or anything else that you could need to know regarding the services and products that we are proud to provide as premier relining solutions specialists. We understand that some people can have a few questions around any emerging technology either out of necessity or simple curiosity and we love to talk about it.

We can also talk in more detail about pricing if you need, our quoting process, our business, or anything else you might like to help you make the right decision around your infrastructure challenges and the solutions they require.

When You Contact Us It’s Actually Us

As we’ve stated, we’re actually based in Sydney and its surrounds and we’re the people who will answer the phones when you call us. You’re getting a local service for local issues when you contact Sydney Relining solutions because that’s how we’d prefer it if we were you. Our deep roots in the area mean that we know our way around and are familiar with the types of infrastructure that are scattered throughout one of Australia’s oldest and largest (and best) cities. This provides us with a variety of different challenges and types of jobs across the course of our business and that has ensured that we are prepared for anything. From large government projects, through to simple residential jobs, emergencies and also high end commercial infrastructure solutions, we’ve done it all and we’re very hard to surprise.

We Always Try To Be Well Stocked And Ready To Go

We like the fact that our jobs don’t take long to do compared to traditional plumbing methods, so we like to take that approach to each and every part of our business to provide a timely service wherever humanly possible. Obviously we’re in a fair bit of demand and life certainly does happen, but our aim is to get to you as quickly as possible and have you back doing the important things that need to be done within a reasonable time frame. If your job does have a particular level of priority then please be sure to let us know when you get in touch so that we can see what’s possible for you in terms of expediting the process and obviously anyone calling with an emergency will be seen to immediately or close to once our staff are contacted and the plumbing issue is communicated.

Our Policy On The Areas That We Service

As we’ve already said, we service the greater Sydney area, however we’re also able to venture out a little bit further depending on the nature of the job. Simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a conversation about getting out to your neck of the woods. However if we do find that your area doesn’t fall under the geographic range that we’re able to look after, then we’ll always be sure to refer you on to a partner or other quality provider whenever we’re able to do so. If we are aware of a reputable relining solutions specialist in your town, city, or suburb then we will definitely point you in the right direction. Our preference would obviously be to look after you ourselves whenever we can, but as a business we want to ensure that you get the service that you require.

So no matter what the size of the job is, the nature of the client is (be they residential, commercial, or other types of enterprise such as government facilities), or where you decide to contact us from, we are here to help and will do everything we can to have you sorted and ready to get on with things as quickly as we can. So why not speak to us right no